Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Series booklist

I did it! I think I did it. I've updated my series booklist with the new titles and reissued titles, and flotsam and jetsam, thanks to prodding by Elizabeth Naylor. Take a look and see what I've left out:

Patricia Rice - Related Series

The Rebellious Sons
  • The Wicked Wyckerly 7/6/2010
  • The Devilish Montague 7/2011
  • Notorious Atherton 7/2013
  • A Formidable Lord Quentin—coming summer 2015
Mystic Isle Series (historical)
  • Mystic Isle, A Novella prequel 2/14
  • Mystic Guardian  7/07
  • Mystic Rider 7/08
  • Mystic Warrior 7/09
The Carolina Magnolia Series (Carolina Trilogy - TJ McCloud and his brothers )
  • Dixie Rebel (Impossible Dreams)
  • Imperfect Rebel (Almost Perfect)
  • Rebel Charm (McCloud's Woman)
  • Carolina Rebel (Carolina Girl)
Magic Series (historical)
Those magical Malcolm women and those mostly marvelously meticulous Ives men
  • Merely Magic
  • Must Be Magic
  • The Trouble with Magic
  • This Magic Moment
  • Much Ado about Magic
  • Magic Man
The California Malcolms (contemporary descendants of Magic series)
  • The Lure of Song and Magic
  • The Trouble with Air and Magic
  • The Risk of Love and Magic
Too Hard to Handle series (Paper Series - American historicals - 1880's)
  • Texas Lily
  • Texas Rose (Paper Roses )
  • Texas Tiger (Paper Tiger )
  • Texas Moon (Paper Moon )
Regency Nobles series
  • The Genuine Article
  • The Marquess
  • The English Heiress
  • The Irish Duchess
The Family Genius series
  • Evil Genius
  • Undercover Genius
Connected Books
  • Moon Dreams
  • Rebel Dreams 
Writing as Jamie Quaid
The Saturn’s Daughters series
  • Boyfriend From Hell
  • Damn Him to Hell
  • Giving Him Hell—coming October 2014

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ElizabethN said...

Thanks, this looks great to me and helps in choosing what to read next.