Friday, November 09, 2012

Irish Duchess

For those of you who don't receive my newsletter... The Irish Duchess will be on sale for $3.99 another few days before going up to its regular price of $6.99. The fourth volume in the Regency Nobles series, it will probably be the last. The chapters of Eamon's story seem permanently lost, and I don't have it in me to start over.

I'm also working on a print version of Duchess, now that I've learned to format. I wish I could make the print prices lower, but this time I'll attempt to distribute outside of Amazon, so the price will go up.

Book prices in this transitional period as publishers attempt to cope with the competition between print and e-book are a source of constant conflict. I'd rather just slap a price on mine and walk away. But as I'm slowly learning, prices drive the market, so I'm doing my best to let you know when opportunity knocks!

If I don't get back here before Thanksgiving, everyone have a lovely, lovely holiday and drive safely.

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