Thursday, November 29, 2007

Inspired to Tedious

Okay, the WIP has finally reached the point where instead of being madly in love with my characters and eager to paint them in all their flaws and perfections, I just want to shoot them and put them out of my misery. No matter at what point I try to edit or revise, it's all trash. Maybe it's time to set it aside and consider other projects.

Anyone have a good solution for editing a WIP when it reaches tedious? Or a new project to work on? I guess I could scout the bookstore shelves and see what publisher is selling what these days, but my head begins to spin after a shelf or two. Anyone read any great books lately?


News From the Holmestead said...

"Anyone have a good solution for editing a WIP when it reaches tedious?"

When I reach that stage, I give myself permission to write something completely frivolous. Not a new novel. Just something for fun, with no intention of it being anything but a writing exercise. Most of the time, it's a snippet of an idea for a possible new story, or a disembodied scene unrelated to anything I'm writing. I just turn off the internal editor and write for fun. It keeps my hand in.

My critique group has an ongoing collaborative story that the 6 of us work on when the mood strikes. We don't consult with each other about plot or characters because it's just for fun. Each person write a chapter when his or her turn comes around, and only when they feel like it. It's not a pressure thing. And we intentionally make it corny and use lots of purple prose and poke fun at each other's genre. But it does keep the creative juices flowing.

Sherrie Holmes

Patricia Rice said...

excellent idea. I've been picking up old manuscripts and playing with them, but that gets tedious, too. But I hate "wasting" time. Must think about this. Thank you!